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WELCOME to Greater Tubatse Municipal Website

  • Local, accountable Democracy through active community participation.
  • Economic advancement to fight poverty and unemployment.
  • Accessible, need-satisfying service rendering in a sustainable, affordable manner.
  • Municipal transformation and Institutional development.
  • Environmental management to ensure a balance between safe human settlements and economic base of the Municipality.

A developed platinum for the benefit of all.

Cllr R.S Mamekoa

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2014/15 Revised SDBIP

Public Notice on Unallocated Bank Deposits

Database Invitation

SCM Database Registration Form

Public Notice 2014/15 IDP and Budget Consultative Programme

Public Notices on 2012 / 13 Draft Annual Report and 2013 / 14 Mid-Year Report

Public Notice Supplementary Valuation Roll

Public Notice to Attend Public Hearing

Invitation to Comment on 2012/13 3rd Quarter Audit Report and 3rd/4th Quarter Performance Report

Notice for Request for Proposal for PPP Solid Waste Management Service

Public Notice:IDP and Budget Consultative Program for 2013-2014

Public Notice:Municipal Council and Executive Commitee Meeting

Public Notice Municipal Council and Executive Committee Meetings

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South Africa's first democratic platinum city